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Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing

Printers Company provides brochures printed with crystal-clear colors in print resolution in range sizes, goals and custom options. We provide custom brochures for product presentations, catalogs, menus, business messages and product promotions for all Los Angeles corporations and small businesses.

Our brochure printing process make sure during our evaluation process did we understand your business in what your design goals are. Our specialties are:

Half-Fold Brochure
If you looking for folding option that creates two panels on each side for brochure this is what you need. This folding option looks just like a book.

Tri-Fold Brochure
This is one of the classic brochure phones and has three panels each side that’s why it’s called the trifold brochure it’s one of our most popular options.

Z-Fold Brochure
Another popular option is better known as an accordion fold much like a tri-fold

Gate Fold Brochure
This type of presentation style Brochure creates two symmetrical panels that reveals a three-panel interior

Double Gate Fold Brochure
They have three parallel phones left and right edges of the paper phone in the middle without any overlapping along the centerfold that’s why it’s called the double gatefold brochure

Double-Parallel Fold Brochure
This is when we fold the paper in half then fold the paper in half an begin with the fold parallel to the first fold.

Roll Fold Brochure
We roll the folding inwards into itself.

100lb Gloss Book Full-bodied paper
100lb Gloss Cover a heavy-weight stock
100# Matte Book
100# Matte Cover