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Reza Ashrafi

In my interactions with stakeholders in the Los Angeles business community, I have over time heard them defend their “quality of service’ as the main selling point. Although exactly what they mean is different from one company to another.

I have come to know, that the point of distinction among Los Angeles companies is in the manner which they relate with their personnel, and how they project their relationship with their personnel to the public and the business community.

While everyone wants to give great service in the printing and copying segment, you must never forget that you are in a city of competition, which is not limited to costs and efficiency. What it comes down to is can you compete for quality people.

In this regard, there is a secret to long life in this industry. Always remember that your customers, those who buy your print, are known to relate very closely with employees. And that is precisely the catching point!

To this end, you will need to come up with a strategy of marketing your own employees, in a manner your customers can easily identify with them, beyond the realm of their daily duties.

As a matter of fact, you can tap the online platforms like Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn, Official Websites, or marketing using emails, to advertise the unique skills of your sales and service teams. Additionally, you could choose to incorporate newsletters and short videos for each of the individual members of the teams. An impressive job of this magnitude will surely yield great results! Remember it is not about you or them per se, it is about your customers appreciating your employees for who they are and for what they can do – be sure to shed them in a good light!

Your marketing strategy must not end with promoting your brand and your products in print. As often as you make any marketing publications, do not leave your people behind. Purpose to bring their uniqueness along!

Printers Company is a Los Angeles Based company dedicated to providing companies and individuals with quality copying, printing, scanning and media services. We have been in business for 30 years which means we have the know-how and expertise to get the job done.

Organizations across all of Los Angeles trust us to print and copy creative and confidential information. Thousands of local companies work with us, as does government entities and educational institutions of learning because of our expertise. From critical business documents to posters and flyer printing and design, our customers can rely on us to protect what they value and help unlock creative advertising potential.

Our Solutions

Our customers have seen lower printing and copying cost, lower document storage costs from scanning and making their documents digital and better compliant with regulations. We offer enterprise grade service to the general public for a fraction of the cost. So if you need one copy or 1,000,000 copies, we have the resources to fit your needs.